DryLyte™ Battery Modules & Packs

Seeo designs and manufactures DryLyte solid-state batteries for high energy implementations, including electric vehicles, grid and renewable storage and emerging applications. Seeo battery packs are modularly constructed of internally designed and manufactured individual cells and modules.

DryLyte™ Battery Modules & Packs DryLyte™ Battery Modules & Packs

Seeo DryLyte solid-state battery packs and module

DryLyte vehicle batteries are supplied as both "plug-and-go" and customized battery packs, based on a modular form factor tailored to fit the target vehicle envelope. Battery modules contain several kWhs of energy and have nominal voltages between 48 and 320V. Modules can be arranged in series and/or parallel to meet customer voltage and capacity requirements and have been designed to meet SAE and ISO requirements for light to heavy duty vehicles.

Each battery pack consists of several flexible modules containing multiple DryLyte cells. Modules are configurable to meet the application's capacity, voltage and current requirements. Each hermetically sealed module integrates battery management (BMS) functions that optimize charging, discharging and cycle life for Seeo's proprietary DryLyte chemistry.

Sunshot Pack

Seeo has developed an Energy Storage System (ESS) that can be paired with distributed solar PV generation to reduce demand charges from the electric grid and provide backup power for residential and commercial customers.

Sunshot Pack

The ESS above has been delivered to SunEdison, a global leader in the development, financing, and operation of solar energy solutions. The 10kWh system is designed for residential rooftop PV and is comprised of several Seeo DryLyte modules, which can be arranged in series or parallel to meet requirements of commercial and industrial users.

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