Telecom Backup

Data centers and telecommunications infrastructure require hours-to-days worth of backup power to ensure the reliability of global information networks. Today, various combinations of lead-acid batteries and diesel generators make up the primary sources for this backup power, but suffer from severe limitations including short lifetimes, expensive cooling, long charging times, required maintenance, and the high cost and theft risk of diesel fuel.

Key Benefits

In contrast, Seeo’s DryLyte™ battery overcomes such challenges and offers a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) advantage to the system owner via:

  • Longer lifetime for both deep-discharge and long shelf-life applications
  • Durability at high-temperatures for outdoor installations
  • Faster recharging to displace more diesel fuel during prolonged grid outages
  • Stable voltage across wide State-of-Charge window
  • Simple, low-cost thermal management