We’re solving every piece of the battery puzzle

Seeo’s safe and energy-dense solid-state cell can power everything from cars to homes to aircraft.

Key Milestones

  1. 2007

    Seeo is founded with the goal of creating a new class of high-energy rechargeable lithium-ion batteries based on a nanostructured polymer electrolyte initially developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

    SEEO deep battery cell development experience

  2. 2008

    Seeo develops DryLyte, a lithium-stable solid-state electrolyte/separator.

    Seeo - safety of solid-state battery cells

  3. 2011

    Seeo moves to Hayward and establishes a pilot line to develop large-format cells and processes.

    Seeo - what makes our team great

  4. 2012

    Seeo develops a cell design and processes at pilot scale to build high-quality (Li/LFP) large-format cells.

    Seeo demonstrates DryLyte stability (>2000 cycles), safety and reproducibility with large-format cells.

  5. 2013

    Seeo scales up DryLyte chemical processes to make ton quantities with high quality and cost efficiency.

    Seeo - cost-effective manufacturing of solid-state battery cell

  6. 2015

    Seeo builds up multi-kWh battery modules, fully tested by USABC.

  7. 2016

    Seeo focuses on high-energy cells and development of a NCx cathode system (polymer, salt, additive, CAM) with stability up to 80°C.

    Seeo develops new purification and rolling methods for lithium foil, as well as chemical treatment to reduce interface resistance.

    Seeo - polymer advantages for solid-state battery cells

  8. 2017

    Seeo takes a leap forward with its next-generation polymer electrolyte, which enables cells with NCM cathodes.

  9. 2018

    Seeo builds 250Wh/kg (15 Ah) cells.

    Seeo develops a next-generation solid-state electrolyte/separator that can be operated with NCM cathode active material.

  10. 2019

    Target: Development of a solid-state, high-energy (>20 Ah) battery cell with 350Wh/kg energy density.

  11. 2020

    Target: Development of a solid-state, high-energy (>30 Ah) battery cell with 450Wh/kg energy density.

    Seeo - high-energy solid-state batteries

The Team

Seeo isn’t just about the technology. Our experienced, passionate team of experts is making the future of batteries a reality.


President and CEO

Dr. Ochs leads overall strategy and execution for Seeo. Previously the VP of Battery Technology at Bosch, he has more than 17 years of experience in the automotive industry.


Founder, CTO and VP of Engineering

Dr. Hany Eitouni is the co-founder of Seeo, where he leads new product development and R&D. He has more than 18 years of experience in electrochemical polymer research.


Director of Quality and Administration

Mr. Smith leads QA and administration efforts at Seeo. He has more than 30 years of experience in the lithium-ion cell & pack manufacturing and automotive industries.


VP of Cell Development and Pilot-Line Production

Mr. Yumoto leads design, validation, product development, and process engineering at Seeo. He has 20 years of experience in the lithium-ion battery industry.


Electric Vehicles

Safely extending your trip

With Seeo’s combination of safety and energy density, your next electric vehicle will go the extra mile.

Energy Storage

Plug-and-play power

The benefits of solid-state will bring safer, cleaner, and long-lasting power to homes and private grids.

Aviation Applications

High altitude, low danger

Ample energy and superior safety make solid-state cells a better option than lithium-ion cells in aircraft.

Let’s Talk

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